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Sandra Giraldo - Enjoyful Foods

Sandra Giraldo, founder of Enjoyful Foods, was diagnosed with IBS and hypoglycemia when she was 20 years old, setting the beginning of a journey of ups and downs with her health. During this journey Sandra has been diagnosed with endometriosis, eczema and fibromyalgia. After being over-medicated for many years, Sandra decided to take control of her healing journey, going back to basics, and using food as her source of powerful medicine. Based on the teachings from her mother and grandmother, Sandra has been medication free for more than 11 years, living a normal fulfilled life.

Sandra began changing her eating habits immediately after her first diagnose, experimenting with many different diets and foods, but it was only when she removed gluten and dairy from her diet, that she began seeing improvements in her health.Removing all grains from her diet was the real missing link in her journey. Her symptoms of fatigue, joint pain, digestive track issues and eczema were considerably improved right away.

Inspired by her own transformation and in response to the people in her world who wanted to follow her example; Sandra became a certified integrated nutrition health coach and a detox specialist. Sandra helps women who are facing similar challenges redesign their diet to live a healthy fulfilling life.

Putting together her life experiences and education, Sandra creates healthy, balanced and complete foods not only for herself but also for her clients. Every day we have more information about the importance of whole foods for a healthy body. 100% natural foods, close to nature are the key to glow and a life full of energy.

These are the principles Sandra takes into consideration when formulating Enjoyful Foods, not only pleasurable flavors, but nutritionally balanced natural foods.

Enjoyful Foods products are made by hand in a gluten free environment commercial kitchen in RI.



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